Undergraduate Students

The PRA Lab has a number of research projects that undergraduate students can assist in for independent study (i.e., enrolling in EPSY/PSYC 485 or 491). Students enrolled in a 485 or 491 under Dr. Blake will serve as Undergraduate Research Assistants (RAs) in the PRA Lab. Undergraduate RAs will have the opportunity to receive mentoring in research under the direction of Dr. Blake and graduate students in her lab. Undergraduate RAs will build skills in data collection and data entry and when the project requires it will have an opportunity administer questionnaires to participants (usually school-age children). If interested URAs will also have an opportunity to assist in the development of regional or national conference presentations. Registration for PSYC/EPSY 485/491 is closed and students must receive permission from Dr. Blake to enroll. In order to be eligible to enroll for PSYC/EPSY 485/491 under Dr. Blake students must meet the following minimum criteria:

  1. 1. Enrolled as an undergraduate student at Texas A&M University
  2. 2. Have Sophomore status
  3. 3. 2.5 minimum GPA

Two independent study research courses will be offered for undergraduate students, a general research independent study for students interested in developing basic research skills (485) and an advanced independent study for students who are interested in attending graduate school or completing an undergraduate thesis ( 491). Letter grades will be assigned for EPSY 485 and EPSY 491. PSYC 485 and PSYC 491 are pass or fail.

Students may also enroll in an honors independent study with Dr. Blake (EPSY 485-200; EPSY 491-200). Students enrolled in honors independent study will be expected to meet all requirements reported above in addition to completing an independent project. Independent projects will be developed based on student's interest and available resources. Independent projects will be supervised by Dr. Blake and one of her graduate students. Example projects may include drafting a research study proposal or submitting a research proposal to a regional or national conference.

Interested undergraduate students should complete the application form for the independent study course they intend to enroll and the criminal background check form. Completed forms should be returned, via email, or to 704J, Harrington Tower, MS 4225. Students will be contacted via email to schedule a brief interview and to discuss their interest in the 485/491 course. Students interested in enrolling in honors independent study should complete the procedures listed above, but should also contact the TAMU Honors program for more information about enrolling for an honors courses.