The Study of Adolescent Resiliency (S.O.A.R.)

   The Study of Adolescent Resiliency (S.O.A.R.) was a collaborative research project directed by Dr. Jamilia Blake (Texas A&M University), Dr. DeMarquis Hayes (University of North Texas), and Dr. Alicia Darensbourg (Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District). The goal of the S.O.A.R. study was to identify factors that assisted middle school students in succeeding academically. Specifically, S.O.A.R. sought to understand how parental and peer influences helped to foster adolescent achievement and engagement in school. This project was approved by both TAMU's and UNT's IRB. Data collection for this study is complete and the results of the study are currently being analyzed for publication.  Below please find a list of relevant presentations from this study. 

Hayes, D., Warnick, B., Blake, J. J. Influence of racial ethnic identity
         on minority students' academic engagement (2012, February).
         Poster presented at the National Association of School
         Psychologists Annual Convention, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania