Peer Relations and Adjustment (PRA) Team Members

Dr. Jamilia Blake

Dr. Blake

Dr. Blake is an Assistant Professor in the School Psychology program in the Department of Educational Psychology at Texas A&M University. Dr. Blake earned her doctoral degree at the University of Georgia in Educational Psychology from the School Psychology program. She is a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP) and is certified in School Crisis Response. Dr. Blake has received three awards and two extramural grants for her research on peer-directed aggression, bullying, and victimization in socially marginalized and ethnically diverse youth.  She is also a Montague-Center for Teaching Excellence Scholar.

For a listing of Dr. Blake’s publications please visit: CEHD WEBPAGE.

Graduate Team Members

The PRA Lab members consist of doctoral students in TAMU’s school psychology program and TAMU undergraduate students in Psychology, Education, Special Education, and Communications.    Students are involved in all aspects of PRA Lab research projects from data collection to manuscript development.  PRA Lab members are mentored by Dr. Jamilia Blake. 

2011 - 2012 Team Members

Spring 2012
1st Row: Courtney Banks, Kaylee Franklin
2nd Row: Gilbert Yguerabide, Ryne Pulido, Jessica Vaughan-Jensen, Jenny Marshall, Rebecca Winters, Alex Weber
Missing: Allan Dilworth, Amanda Joslin, Danielle Wall, and Marie Casanova

Fall 2011
Back row: Jessica Vaughn, Rebecca Winters, Amanda Joslin, Jenny Marshall, and Ryne Pulido
Front row: Allana Dillworth and Anna Antony
Missing: Courtney Banks and Emily Lund

2012 Team Members 2011 Team Members

2010 - 2011 Team Members
1st row Left to Right: Ryne Pulido; Courtney Banks; Emily Lund; Rebeca Sanchez
2nd row Left to Right: Jessica Vaughan; Leann Smith

2011 Team Members

2008-2010 Team Members
1st row Left to Right: Valerie Fine; Keisha Thompson; Terez Turner; Vivina Rivera; Alicia Darensbourg
2nd row Left to Right: Andrew Martinez; Dr. Blake

2008 - 2010 Team Members

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