Recruitment and Retention Study

   The lack of diversity amongst professional psychologists is a growing concern. Considerable research has been published which offer recommendations to graduate programs for recruiting culturally and linguistically diverse students to pursue their graduate education in psychology; however, research examining whether programs have actually implemented these strategies have not been forthcoming. The objective of the Professional Psychology Recruitment and Retention study was to identify which strategies professional psychology program implement to increase the cultural and linguistic diversity of their student population. This study was approved by Texas A&M University’s Institutional Review Board.  Data collection for this study was completed in the Spring of 2011 and an independent follow-up investigation was conducted in the Summer of 2011.  Findings are currently being analyzed for publication. Below please find a list of relevant presentations from this study. 

Smith, L. , Blake, J. J., & Graves, S. L.  (2011, February).  School Psychology
         programs’ recruitment and retention of culturally and linguistically diverse
         students. Poster presented at the Trainers of School Psychology
         Pre-Conference at National Association of School Psychologists Annual
         Convention, San Francisco, California.

Pulido, R., Banks, C. S., Lund, E. M., Vaughan-Jensen, J., Blake, J. J., & Graves, S. L.  (2012, February).
         Attracting diverse applicants to School Psychology: What are program websites doing to help?  Poster
         presented at the Trainers of School Psychology Pre-Conference at National Association of School
         Psychologists Annual Convention, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.