The 491 course is an advanced research course designed for undergraduate students who are interested in obtaining a more in depth understanding of the process of conducting research. This course will build upon research skills developed in 485 and will provide students with an opportunity to learn how to review empirical articles, formulate research questions, use statistical software to analyze data, and develop research presentations. Undergraduate 491 Research Assistants will assist a team of graduate students in the implementation of the study in the following capacity:

1. Collecting school-based data with children, parents, and teachers when applicable
2. Data entry and intermediate data analyses
3. Opportunity to present independent research project at national or regional conferences
4. Opportunity to co-author a manuscript

491 Eligibility:

1. Undergraduate student at Texas A&M University
2. At least Sophomore status in good academic standing
3. Preference will be given to students who can commit to more than one semester
4. Prerequisites: PSYC/EPSY 485


1. 491 RA’s must attend an IRB training session on human subjects, data collection and data entry training, and a weekly supervision meeting
2. 491 RA’s will be asked to work approximately 9 hours a week
3. 491 RA’s must write a 200-word paper on a topic relevant to the current research project that they are involved in


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