About Us


The PRA Lab, directed by Dr. Jamilia Blake, was established in 2007 and consists of Texas A&M University (TAMU) graduate and undergraduate students

PRA Lab members conduct interdisciplinary research on a variety of different topics related to children's relationship with peers such as children's experience with aggression and bullying, their social-emotional development, and their academic engagement.  PRA Lab research has both direct and indirect implications for children’s development and for psychological service delivery in schools. The PRA Lab collaborates with faculty with expertise from a variety of disciplines including Special Education, Child and Adolescent Health, Youth Development, Public Health, and Clinical and Counseling Psychology.   Although PRA Lab research is primarily conducted within school settings, PRA Lab members also conduct web-based and experimental studies. 

Outside of conducting research, the PRA Lab offers community outreach services for schools and non-profit organizations.  The PRA Lab also  provides informational resources to parents and practitioners on pertinent issues related to child development and children’s social and emotional functioning.   For example, former PRA Lab members have conducted presentations on topics related to bullying, classroom behavior management, and typical child and adolescent development for local schools and out-of-school time programs.  PRA Lab members publish research briefs on the PRA Lab website, which summarize PRA Lab research or important child development topics for parents, practitioners, and other community members.  Research briefs can be accessed through our Resources page.